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Our Music
Music is essential to Unity on the Lakeshore. Suzanne Shirey, our Music Director started with our church in 1996 as we were just beginning our journey and meeting at the Saugatuck Women's Club. Suzanne is a classically trained musician and began playing at the age of nine. She has lived in Holland since 1981.

Her talent and leadership of our music program is outstanding. Suzanne blends the talents of our congregants and invited musicians to beautifully enhance our spiritual messages.
41 South Washington St.,
Douglas Michigan 49406
What's Happening?
Sun., Aug. 3
10:00 am
F*I*R*E Service - Message by Rev. Gy Ludvig
Sun., Aug. 3
1:00 pm
"For Heaven's Sake" Living In the Question
With Rev. Gy Ludvig & Rev. Sal Sapienza
Wed., Aug. 6
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
A Course in Miracles
Wed., Aug. 6
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Mary Reed "Unwitting Mystic: Evolution of The Message of Love"
Thurs., Aug. 7
 5:30 - 8:30 pm
Sat., Aug. 9
7:00 pm
Dr. Pamela Gerali "Confessions of a Spiritually Promiscuous Woman":
Sun., Aug.10
10:00 am
F*I*R*E* Service - Message by Dr.  Pamela Gerali
Noon - 2:00 pm
Workshop "An Archetype Encounter"
with Dr. Pamela Gerali
Mon., Aug.11
By appointment
9:30 am - 1:30 pm
Dramatic Intuitive Healings with Dr. Pamela Gerali
Sat., Aug.16
10:00 am -
4:00 pm
"Differentiated Leadership & Relationships"
with Martha Creek
Sun., Aug.17
10:00 am
Message by Martha Creek
About Us
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Unity on the Lakeshore receives no financial support from the  Association of Unity Churches nor from Unity Institute (school). Our only support is from our members and friends. Your love gifts and tithes are received in a onsciousness of gratitude. Each giver and gift is blessed with prayers of rich abundance and ncrease.  We are blessed!
Every life, a spiritually transformed life.
Embracing a positive path to spiritual living.
Embracing all people & honoring all paths to God, we:
*Provide a sacred space to raise awareness & consciousness of the One Spirit in all. 
*Teach abundance, and healing. 
*Bring peace, joy & harmony to our:families, communities, & the world.
With open minds, we welcome everyone to our spiritual celebration. There are no strangers here. We honor your chosen spiritual path as we do our own. Please use our website to learn more about Unity on the Lakeshore.